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We Love Scarlett O'Hara

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[04 Mar 2009|09:08pm]

[12] Gone With the Wind
[11] Various Romance Novel Icons

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The rest are over here at gold_lion_icons


[30 Jan 2007|01:23pm]

I am not sure whether this is allowed, feel free to delete but...

Just recently I started a new community (gwtw_references) for the discussion of (in particular) references made in Books, TV Shows, Movies etc. about GWTW. I've just started it, and I'd love it if people joined! =D



JOIN! * [07 May 2006|10:25am]

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Error * [15 Nov 2005|05:33pm]

Wikipedia* search: November 5th:

1913 - Vivien Leigh, American actress (d. 1967)


At least they spelled her name correctly. XD




[11 Nov 2005|04:25pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Hollywood Legend, SCARLETT O'HARA Barbie Doll.
1994(c), HUGE Collectible Item.

Bid now!

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New member [10 Nov 2005|07:48pm]

Hello all. I'm a huge fan of Gone With the Wind ever since my junior year of high school when we had to read the book. Vivian Leigh was amazing in everything she did.

Anyway, I made some icons. They're very simple, but someone may like them.

Gone With the Wind iconsCollapse )


[18 Oct 2005|07:06am]

Has anyone seen that show "Dead Famous" on Biography? A team of paranormal investigators travels about, trying to find the spirits of stars that have...passed on. They just did Bette Davis. Wouldn't it be interesting if they did Viv?


Multiply * [22 Sep 2005|12:40pm]

[ mood | amused ]

If you know what myspace.com is, then multiply.com should be easy to understand. I discovered three Vivien Leigh/GWTW related groups on multiply:



((Yes, the person who made that group spelled his name incorrectly.))




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[13 Jan 2001|02:02am]

Okay, I may be alittle slow on the drawl, but, here goes.

I picked up a copy of Alexandra Ripley's book "Charleston" and this is where I think she cheated. Why are her characters Sally Brewton and Julia Ashley in both that bodice ripper and "Scarlett"?


[12 Jun 2005|09:53am]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay -- so I was reading my latest Gossip Girl book and read this:

"A Streetcar Named Desire, starring Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh, was just about to start. Another old favorite."

I was very amused. The main character, Blair, is big into Audrey Hepburn, so usually the movies she watches star her (Breakfast At Tiffany's is her favorite).

If you have never read GG -- you should. They're very addicting.



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[10 Jun 2005|07:04pm]

Does anyone know when Scarlett Online will have a message board? I am dying for one on there!



GWTW/VL Communities [09 Jun 2005|03:38pm]

[ mood | curious ]

All the communities I am aware ofCollapse )

Any others?




Affiliates -- fans, &c [08 Jun 2005|07:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here is the official community icon/banner thingy. (LOL I love how official I sound) If you have a relating community and would like to become and affiliate or you just want to have this in your profile, the code for it is on the info page.



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